Chillum Etiquette

The chillum is a slightly funnel shaped smoking device used for smoking charas (hash) and tobacco mixtures. The holy men of India, the Sadhus, have been smoking the sacred chillum for thousands of years. Chillums to the Sadhu is like wine to the Catholic priest.

The Sorcerer Erik demonstrates the stoke . . . the dedication to Lord Boomshankar . . .

There is no better place in India to smoke chillums with a mix of holy men and hippie freaks from around the globe than the ex-Portuguese colony of Goa. Here the weirdest of the weird gather to dance to techno music, hang out on the beach, and get stoned on a daily basis.

the inhale . . . the pass . . . and the exhale exclamation . . . BOM!

The Sadhus believe in Lord Boomshankar -- the god of pot and another aspect of Lord Shiva. Boomshankar is brought into the chillum when his name is shouted. The Sadhus claim that summoning Shiva into the pipe will get the smoker much more stoned. Hence, closer to God.

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